The Grassroots View

28. COP28: will Dubai provide much needed answers?

Nov. 28, 2023

Welcome to the Grassroots View, the podcast of the European Economic and Social Committee. In this episode, we deep dive into the upcoming COP 28 in Dubai, where the world converges to address the pressing issue of climate change. Joining us are insightful voices: climate journalist Anna Gumbau, EESC Youth Delegate Diandra Ní Bhuachalla, Sustainable Public Affairs founder and CEO Willem Vriesendorp, and Jule Könneke from the German Institute for International and Security Affairs. We start with Anna Gumbau's perspective on the controversial choice of Dubai as the venue, diving into the challenges journalists face in covering such critical events. Diandra Na Bhuachalla sheds light on the urgency of youth voices in climate debates and shares hopes for a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty. Willem Vriesendorp emphasizes the need for businesses to lead in sustainability, while Jule Könneke explores the security dimensions of climate policy and the role of civil society. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.