RSK XFM Remastered


Nov. 1, 2023

PART 6 (of 6) & FINAL installment of Karl Pilkington's ROCKBUSTERS (a cheap knockoff of Blockbusters). Not only was this one of Karl's longest running features (along with Monkey News), but it was also voted by fans as his greatest XFM feature of all time: Karl Pilkington gives a cryptic clue (it's usually nonsense) and the initials of a famous band or artist (he sometimes gets the initials wrong), and listeners either call, or as the feature developed (unless they were experiencing technical difficulties), email in their answers. The winner gets an arbitrary assortment of tat, often including a pointless DVD seemingly chosen at random from the bargain bucket. Fans will recall Stephen Merchant announcing such great prizes as Ladder 49 (the mediocre John Travolta film), or Children of the Corn (Peter Horton's in it). Ricky Gervais once mused: "Imagine getting that and going 'Excellent, we can watch this now!'" PART 6 ends with Steve in a state of total astonishment after Karl's penultimate Rockbuster, Kasabian: "What?! That's one of your worst, that... That's terrible." And in response to Karl's final Rockbuster, Donna Summer, Steve is utterly stupefied: "Man alive, that was shocking." **THE END** Keane (0:00) Courtney Love (11:44) Yoko Ono (19:28) Amy Winehouse (26:38) Nick Drake & The Ramones (34:51) Kasabian & Donna Summer (38:31) neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.