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Dec. 10, 2023

PART 2 of a compilation of Karl's pseudo-educational feature, EDUCATING RICKY, which is a play on words based on the film, Educating Rita. Karl brings in a few ridiculous topics each week and teases his co-hosts, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, with catchy headlines meant to sum up the topic, usually in the form of a stupid pun. Karl typically reads out the headlines, and lets Ricky and Steve react to them. After Karl is reprimanded for his idiocy, a topic is chosen and Karl proceeds to expound on it in a comical manner. Ricky usually cackles wildly and/or becomes enraged by the utter inanity and falsity of Karl's bogus story. At the end of each "educational" session, Ricky and Steve are exasperated by the fact that they have no idea what Karl has just tried to teach them.


EDUCATING RICKY Headlines - 5 (0:00)

I'll bac-on in the morning if you're sick of me (1:07)

8-year-old lad breastfeeding 1 (4:28)

I put in, "Why?" to confuse the computer (5:19)

8-year-old breastfeeding 2 (5:37)

Karl PIlkington: Genius or Fool? (6:01)

8-year-old breastfeeding 3 (6:42)

Put it in a bowl first (8:34)

Things you don't see - Old man having a Twix (9:11)

Other things you don't see (10:41)

We'll have a big fire to-marrow (12:01)

Brian Blessed 5h!t himself (16:54)

He's a bit of a noose-ance - money for old rope (18:00)

I need some education Karl (20:00)

Karl doesn't look like a genius (20:31)

EDUCATING RICKY introduction (21:25)

EDUCATING RICKY Headlines - 6 (21:55)

Hippapota-nuse - flies off at a funny angle... (22:19)

Pelican has to turn its head upside down to eat (26:37)

Chi-can you believe it? - Transplanted arm goes gammy (27:23)

Albino having one of them - What's White Elephant? (38:14)

EDUCATING RICKY Headlines - 7 (43:14)

A guy playing tug of war and his arm come off (44:24)

Armor gonna have ta thump ya - Shut your face (45:30)

woman drank glue (47:10)

kids havin' hamburgers makes 'em fat (47:52)

you can't hold your breath to death (48:13)

Scorpions all help each other out (48:36)

Tip included? - Little fellas after Suzanne (49:29)

I wouldn'ta come here in Heinz-ight (55:50)


I wouldn'ta come here in Heinz-ight CONTINUED (58:16)

A fella in Scotland who had a load of tattoos (59:10)

Are you gonna drop the feature? (59:34)

The web is the new book though, innit? (59:55)

Why do you want to confuse machines? (1:00:55)

Flies, scientists can't work out how they fly (1:01:16)

EDUCATING RICKY I will be ditching before Christmas (1:02:28)

Reintroduction of EDUCATING RICKY (1:02:41)

EDUCATING RICKY Headlines - 8 (1:03:24)

Get your kit on, we're off down the butchers (1:04:05)

Karl's like the Pot Noodle of information (1:06:40)

Dodgy butchers - meat delivered round the back (1:07:06)

This isn't a radio show, is it? (1:08:11)

There's this parrot... (1:08:45)

Wash up with you? (1:10:48)

There's an elephant in India with sore feet (1:12:12)

Woman's breasts insured for 150 grand - Should get 'em covered (1:13:45)

Wash up with you? CONTINUED (1:14:43)

Get a diary or some paper or something to write on (1:16:05)

One of my uncles right, Tattoo Stan, and others (1:19:11)

Cheers for that, Oliver (1:22:12) neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.