RSK XFM Remastered

KNOB NEWS - Part 2

March 1, 2024

PART 2 of a compilation of all knob-related discussions on the XFM Ricky Gervais Show. Including the acclaimed, KNOB NEWS, the phallic feature in which RIcky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington opine on the day's biggest penile headlines. Also included are TESTICLE TIME, other knobbly bits, and, so as not to be sexist... FANNY FACTS! ENJOY!


Cock Soup (0:00)

Bondage Shops (0:43)

Cock Soup Continued (2:27)

Little lad who was a fella and a woman (3:21)

Do they construct one, or do they whack on a dead one? (9:21)

Woman cut off her husband's penis (10:18)

French bloke cut his knob off (11:05)

As we're having so much fun with penises (11:43)

Russian selling Hitler's mummified penis (11:50)

Metal device on your bits so you don't get excited (15:02)

Suzanne accuses Karl of being a bit gay (16:30)

Naked Rambler (17:53)

Piece in the Daily Mirror about nudists (19:10)

A thing in Bizarre Magazine about Nude Airline (20:40)

Nudists play volleyball a lot (22:00)

Karl's mate's tackle going left to right, being battered all over the place (22:30)

After Radiohead, more cock! (24:55)

Recapping previous week's KNOB NEWS (25:00)

Oooohhh, he nearly had me eye out, KNOB NEWS! (25:50)

Woman finds cooked penis in canteen stew (25:57)

Knob food-related puns (26:58)

Lad not happy with what the Lord popped downstairs for him (28:12)

Came out smaller than he went in with (28:51)

In Ancient Greece it was better to shag a bloke than a woman (30:28)

Emperor Nero used to get pretty boy men to nibble his testicles (30:54)

Pilkington, just pop under the water and nibble my testicles (31:53)

You'd have gnawed his packet off! (32:52)

Man's Body: An Owner's Manual (33:32)

Smallest ever functioning penis under 3/4 inch when erect (34:11)

Would Karl nibble Emperor Nero's micro-penis? (35:20)


Blood is what engorges the erectile tissue (36:48)

Telegraph are listening today (38:46)

No knickers and that (40:35)

Karl's Peeping Tom Confession (42:00)

Karl exposes himself to the woman across the way (42:50)

I'm exposing myself while looking at some free fanny! (44:13)

Steve complains about toilet attendants (45:05)

KNOB NEWS: Little Russian fella electrocutes his knob (47:43)

What, a knob-ectomy? (48:45)

Man has knob grafted on his arm (49:17)

Hitchhiking with a knob instead of a thumb (50:35)

If I've lost my knob, just whack a pair of tits on me (50:43)

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