Soul Flex

The Kitchen Sink - Part 13

Feb. 27, 2008

You have heard the phrase, "everything but the kitchen sink" or "everything including the kitchen sink!"That is the basis for the title of the lastest series of Soul Flex Podcasts. 5 days a week, once again, you are invited to join the CCC Staff...MichaelSimmonds, LeeAnn Stayer, Richard Israel, and Jeff Dixon for an unscripted, uncensored, and untamed conversation about everything and anything. This month the series features questions created by our podcasting network. Each episode is dedicated to answering things that our subscribers have asked about.So put your earbuds in your ears and get ready to hear some real life discussions about heaven, hell, the Bible, politics, trivia, how God works,and how he feels about us...and so much more. Are you ready? It is time for your daily soul flex! neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.