Soul Flex

In Hot Pursuit

May 7, 2009

Soul Flex is thrilled to offer a brand new series this month called, "In Hot Pursuit!" In Hot Pursuit is an honest conversation about what it means to pursue and follow Jesus. The adventure is not always what we thought it would be and as a part of this series we talk about misconceptions, assumptions, and stumbling blocks that get in the way. We look at how when we choose to follow Jesus we discover the life we were created to live and find a level of satisfaction about life that can't be discovered anywhere else. Now be warned! Soul Flex is honest, real, unedited, and you might hear anything, and you probably will. Join Michael Simmonds, Debbie Piper, LeeAnn Stayer, Richard Israel, and Jeff Dixon for this fast paced, jam packed, and challenging series as this month Soul Flex goes "In Hot Pursuit" neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.