The Best of Making Sense with Sam Harris

#40 — Complexity and Stupidity

March 13, 2023

In this episode of the podcast, Sam Harris speaks with biologist David Krakauer about information, intelligence, the role of IQ, complex systems, technological advancement, the future of humanity, and other topics.

David Krakauer is President and William H. Miller Professor of Complex Systems at the Santa Fe Institute. His research explores the evolution of intelligence on earth. This includes studying the evolution of genetic, neural, linguistic, social and cultural mechanisms supporting memory and information processing, and exploring their generalities. He served as the founding Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, the Co-Director of the Center for Complexity and Collective Computation, and was Professor of mathematical genetics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In 2012 Dr. Krakauer was included in the Wired Magazine Smart List as one of 50 people “who will change the world.”

For information about the Santa Fe Institute:

The article discussed in this podcast: The Empty Brain

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