The Museum of Bad Vibes

Looking Back to See Ahead

July 26, 2022

Gold weights were significant objects in pre-colonial Ghana as they were used to weigh gold dust during social and political engagements such as births, deaths, funerals and marriages. Gold weights come in a variety of shapes and sizes and in this episode, we focus on the spirit of the Sankofa gold weight. Awakening in the Museum of Bad Vibes, Sankofa nostalgically recalls its former life and laments its loss of use and companionship. In his prime, he played an important role in trade and commerce in Ghana, but also embodied esoteric properties related to ancestral knowledge. On this sonic museum tour, Hanna Adan, with the assistance of experts, explores traditional Akan religious beliefs, speculates on this gold weight’s unclear but but fascinating provenance and unpacks what we can still learn from its teachings. Produced and Presented by Hanna Adan With story by George Bailey Assistant Producer and Editor: Kwaku Dapaah-Danquah Researcher: Seyi Bolarin Starring: Derek Oppong and Maria Gbeleyi Contributors: Dr John Giblin and Dalian Adofo Production Mentors: Jane Thurlow and Corinna Jones Sound Designer: Lauren Armstrong-Carter Tech Producer: Bob Nettles Executive Producers: Khaliq Meer & Leanne Alie Commissioned for BBC Sounds Audio Lab by Khaliq Meer Artwork by Joshua Obeng-Boateng neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.