6. Brexit and Foreign Secretary Years: Tablecloth Tug of War

July 21, 2022

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. A bit of a mouthful. To most people - and there are those that hate it - he’s simply Boris

This series tells the story of Boris Johnson - from boy to man to Prime Minister. In each episode, Adam Fleming talks to a range of people who’ve known, watched, worked or dealt with him.

In the sixth episode, we hear about his involvement in the Vote Leave campaign and his time as Foreign Secretary.


Sir Alan Duncan, former Conservative MP who served as Minister of State for Europe and the Americas from 2016 to 2019 and author of 'In the Thick of It: The Private Diaries of a Minister'

Isabel Hardman, assistant editor of the Spectator and author of 'Why We Get the Wrong Politicians'

Will Walden was Boris Johnson's Director of Communications and External Affairs and his Chief Spokesman during his second term as mayor.

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