This Changes Everything

EP06: On Boundaries and Accountability, Part 1

Sept. 29, 2022

Sarah Rice and Therapy Jeff are back with the first half of their two-part conversation on boundaries and accountability. This first episode is all about defining, understanding, setting, communicating, and respecting boundaries.

Jeff breaks down why setting boundaries can be really difficult and how we might gaslight ourselves into thinking our desire to set boundaries is asking for too much. But really, a boundary can be a "gift or a little map" to tell someone else how to be a good friend, lover, co-worker, or family member (because boundaries aren't just for romantic partners).

Sarah and Jeff model a caring, loving way to set boundaries, and Sarah shares her "Relationship Mad Libs" which is a template you can use when you need to establish a boundary in your life.

We also get introduced to Sarah's superhero alter ego that she calls in to do the hard stuff. Her name is Rogue Carbonara, and she's a boundary-setting badass.

We want to hear about your superhero alter ego! They're your favorite superhero combined with your greatest weakness. Jeff's is He-Man Algebra, but we're still workshopping that one.

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