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You can have security without privacy, but you can’t have privacy without security | Bill Mew

Sept. 4, 2022

We consume and produce gigabyte after gigabyte of content online every day. Guess what: that data can be used to identify us. How safe is that information, though? Who actually has access to it? The government? Researchers? Other people? In this episode we dive deeper into how different countries (the EU, the US and Australia) treat data privacy and security.

Our guest today is Bill Mew, the CEO of CrisisTeam.co.uk, a firm specializing in crisis management in the digital space. He’s also one of the global leaders in digital ethics in the constant search for the balance between meaningful protection and maximizing the economic and social value of the online world. His twitter: https://twitter.com/BillMew

By the way, Bill has recently been shortlisted for Privacy champion of the year by PICASSO - https://twitter.com/BillMew/status/1577990463679856644?s=20&t=EQz0gWhdpIIU84D1KEni6g - stay tuned!

Listen to the episode to find out why anti-tobacco campaigns should be similar to digital hygiene campaigns!


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