Who is that?

Think before you click | Ellen Helsper

Sept. 19, 2022

How does your age affect your access to information? What about where you were born? Your family? Your first language? Does the internet give us the tools to go beyond those circumstances, or does it reinforce them instead? After all, the platforms we use every day were created by a handful of geniuses in Silicon Valley, but the majority of their billions-strong user bases don’t live anywhere near there — or anything like those select few developers. 

Our today’s guest is Ellen Helsper, Professor of Digital Inequalities in the Department of Media and Communications at LSE. Her scientific work focuses on understanding the relationships between digital and social inequalities, and researching the links between general vulnerability and online marginalization amongst younger and older generations.

We talked to Ellen about “digital natives,” inclusivity in the online and offline worlds, the economics and politics behind public-private partnerships in the digital sphere, and far too much more to list here. 

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