Good Game

E01: Tornado Cash Sanction Wakeup Call, Solana Phone, Eth Merge Predictions

Aug. 24, 2022

Imran Khan and Qiao Wang kick off the first episode Good Game podcast by discussing the latest news top of mind.

(00:33) How Tornado Cash sanction is a wakeup call to the industry
(05:43) As a builder of decentralized software, do you build as an anon?
(08:11) If US government bans crypto, which community will fight?
(10:19) MakerDAO introducing real world assets centralizes risk
(11:51) Should we be building crypto native products for real world users that aren’t crypto native?
(15:11) The coolest recent innovation is Coinbase’s MPC wallet
(18:16) How the Solana phone is a hardware wallet with phone capabilities
(19:41) End state of crypto: every hardware wallet will be a super app
(24:44) Ethereum Merge analysis and market predictions
(33:30) Eth Proof-of-Work fork will be more irrelevant than ETC

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