Good Game

E03: The State of Crypto: Where are developers going?

Sept. 20, 2022

Imran and Qiao discuss what's on their minds in the crypto landscape.

(00:00) Intro
(00:35) CPI dropped - the "Merge" has become the "Purge"
(04:35) The state of Layer 1s and Layer 2s - what's happening?
(05:41) Why Imran and Qiao can see the future
(07:24) The state of Layer 1s based on Electric Capital's January 2022 report
(09:32) What's changed for Ethereum since Electric Capital's report?
(11:03) What's changed for Solana since January 2022?
(12:02) What's changed for Cosmos since January 2022?
(13:42) The war between Layer 2s and side-chains on Ethereum
(15:39) Explaining optimistic rollups Optimism and Arbitrum
(16:48) Why Arbitrum is winning the mindshare of the developer ecosystem
(21:01) Ethereum rollups will be competing with Cosmos for specialization
(23:59) Arbitrum dedicated rollups are fragmenting liquidity and user experience
(27:32) Why Polygon side-chain has won developer mindshare
(31:33) Explaining how Starkware uses zero knowledge proofs to scale
(33:29) What are zk-rollups?
(34:30) The uphill battle for Starkware
(36:10) Why dYdX left Starkware for Cosmos
(41:54) Solana vs Sui and Aptos
(43:17) Move language attracting developers from Solana to Sui and Aptos
(46:50) Aptos more developer-friendly than Sui
(49:25) Aptos and Sui are clearly gaining developer adoption momentum over Solana
(52:15) Why many Ethereum developers will never move off of Ethereum
(58:10) Why Cosmos hasn't had any hype
(59:43) Founders are being attracted to Cosmos from launch of Osmosis
(1:00:26) App-chain thesis - the rise of application-specific blockchains
(1:02:35) Monolithic chains are just fast prototyping testnets for Cosmos
(1:04:25) The pain of bridging between Cosmos hubs

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