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E04: Everything you need to know about Sui with Mysten Lab founders Evan Cheng & Sam Blackshear

Oct. 5, 2022

Imran and Qiao bring on Mysten Labs cofounders Evan Cheng and Sam Blackshear to learn about Sui. In this episode we talk about what they learned at Facebook Libra, what makes Sui different technically, and Sui's go-to-market strategy.

(00:00) Intro
(01:11) Imran and Qiao introduce the interview
(15:02) The interview with Evan and Sam starts
(15:35) Sam Blackshear's background at Facebook Libra
(18:39) Evan Cheng's storied career at Apple and Facebook
(24:10) Why do Evan and Sam think that another smart contract platform should be available for the masses?
(27:04) What makes Sui different?
(37:26) The misconception of Sui around specifying dependencies for parallelization
(31:08) What is horizontal scaling?
(40:17) What is intra-validator sharding vs Ethereum's inter-validator sharding?
(44:45) How does Sui bootstrap its developer community?
(50:12) Is Sui only focused on gaming?
(52:39) How will the consumer experience be different with Sui?
(57:39) What are the top misconceptions around Sui?
(1:03:02) Imran and Qiao discuss what they learned after the interview

Evan Cheng's Twitter: @EvanWeb3
Sam Blackshear: @b1ackd0g
Mysten Labs Twitter: @Mysten_Labs

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