Good Game

E06: The BEST breakdown of NFTs you'll ever hear.

Nov. 8, 2022

Imran and Qiao discuss what's on their minds in the crypto landscape. 

(00:00) Welcome to Good Game! 
(01:17) Crypto Kitties and EIP-721: NFTs are born 
(05:11) OpenSea, the first NFT marketplace, goes through Y Combinator 
(06:28) Overview of NFTs on Ethereum, Ronin, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, Reddit, Tezos, and Flow
(14:39) The history of Crypto Punks and generative art 
(19:08) Snowfro launching Art Blocks and Chromie Squiggles 
(20:45) Why Crypto Punks and Bored Apes are valuable as digital nations 
(27:00) Bored Apes Yuga Labs acquires Crypto Punks and gives holders IP commercial rights 
(30:24) What is CC0 Creative Commons licensing for NFTs? 
(33:02) Monetization of NFTs 
(36:46) What Azuki is building for their community and the future for NFT communities 
(40:25) How Nouns DAO works 
(44:09) The messy governance models of NFTs 
(47:19) An explanation of gaming NFTs 
(53:01) An explanation of music NFTs 
(1:00:55) An explanation of storytelling NFTs 
(1:03:38) NFT communities are digital nations because they have a treasury 
(1:04:57) An explanation of metaverse NFTs 1:06:54 Imran's top NFTs 
(1:08:26) An explanation of Paradigm's Art Gobblers

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