Good Game

Why Crypto Data and Crypto + AI are Massive Opportunities for Crypto Startups | E09

Jan. 3, 2023

Imran and Qiao discuss what's on their minds in the crypto landscape.

(00:00) Intro
(00:29) Welcome to Good Game!
(01:41) Why crypto data is such an important pain point
(03:42) 2017 data landscape and Messari missing out on on-chain data
(06:16) Why Dune analytics and why crypto data
(11:13) Nansen's data strategy
(13:18) A lot of space for verticalized crypto data startups
(15:40) How important is decentralization in data?
(17:55) The four layers of crypto data landscape include data sources
(18:36) What are data warehouses or data lakes
(21:46) What is the monetization strategy for Web3
(26:34) A summary of where the data opportunities are
(29:21) Metavoice's Vatsal Aggarwal's tweet on data pain points
(31:36) 0xKofi's tweet on getting raw on-chain data is solved
(34:03) How back propagation led to the rise of AI
(36:40) Qiao realizes how powerful ChatGPT was
(40:35) The intersection between Crypto and AI is a massive opportunity
(42:57) How AI can have a meaningful impact on security
(45:43) Using natural language to have AI output smart contract code
(47:21) Using AI to interact with the blockchain for you
(50:19) OpenAI burning $3MM per day or $1B a year
(52:00) The first social network or game will be built for bots
(56:02) AI is run and trained on localized device - decentralized

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