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Helium: Revolutionizing 5G with 1M crypto hotspot network (Amir Haleem, CEO) | E14

March 29, 2023

Top signal for crypto natives. 
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(00:00) Intro 
(00:38) Welcome to Good Game! 
(02:14) Welcome Amir Haleem, CEO & Founder of Helium 
(04:18) Helium's founding story 
(08:11) Finding product market fit 
(15:38) Hardware iteration challenges 
(20:37) How Helium turned to crypto 
(25:04) Distributing the hardware 
(29:05) What caused Helium to succeed 
(31:05) Laying off team through pivot 
(34:53) Token design insights 
(45:29) How the hotspot network works 
(51:20) How far is Helium from ideal decentralized state 
(52:40) Why Helium is moving to Solana 
(58:52) A network of networks 
(1:02:35) Imrian and Qiao's interview debrief

Helium Twitter: @helium
Amir's Twitter: @amirhaleem

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