The Crisis Beat

EPISODE 2: The Influencer Files - Part 1 - Song Jia/Freezia's Knock Off Luxury Scandal

Oct. 21, 2022

Mark and Brady explore their curiosity related to influencers, the online segment of often grassroots-developed entertainers whose online brands are reaching epic proportions of success. In this first foray into the topic, the team examines the case of Song Jia - or Freezia - a female South Korean influencer and reality star whose career briefly derailed over accusations she was wearing some counterfeit luxury fashion. This podcast examines the actions Song Jia took in the wake of the scandal, as well as the broader business implications of the celebrity apology in this brave new world of profitable online attention-seeking.

This episode also briefly touches on: a Toronto restaurant with poisonous ingredients, Trumps purloined documents at Ma-a-Lago, and Tiger Woods' scandals and responses.

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