The Knights of God Podcast
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The Knights of God Podcast

Knights of God is a christian group dedicated to spreading the Word of God, exposing the devil within and without, and fellowship/growing together in the Lord. Our leader is Jesus Christ and we are to serve Him forever.

Mission Statement

We will unapologetically stand for the Gospel in a darkened world. We shall Evangelize, Disciple, and Strengthen the Church and the surrounding Christian Community.

If you would like some booklets to assist in evangelism, please visit our website: We are working on more material so stay tuned. Show Me: Christian Answers to Mormon Evangelism Show Me is a document outlining some of the basic information you will need to know before engaging with a Mormon as a Christian. It will go over the basics, comparing the two faiths, like the First Vision, Who and what is God, Who is Jesus Christ, and more. This would also be good for the inquisitive Mormon that would like to know why a Christian do not accept these added "revelations" and offers a biblical challenge in response to their Moroni 10:4. This would be a good starting point for any Christian wishing to evangelize to Mormons, but also good for the Mormon. Written by: Brother Crawford and Desmond If you would like to receive a hardcopy via the mail, that is also possible. Contact us for more! Contact me thru: Email: [email protected] Facebook: Donate: neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.