Tapes From The Future
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Tapes From The Future

Hi, I'm Rich Marin from www.tapesfromthefuture.us

We dive deep into the mysteries of the Universe like the real purpose of Stonehenge and the real events of Revelation happening around us every day. We even have boxes of historical files proving that the Nazis secretly invaded the Heartland of America in 1945. We've got everything from Abbadon to the Majestic Twelve! Seriously conspiracy afficianados - get out your BINGO card!

The truth of the world is a lot weirder and crazier than most people ever know, but that's why I'm pulling back the curtain and exposing the full truth from everything from fringe science to the real wizarding world. You've seen the Supernatural - you've seen X-Files - but to see the full truth out in the light of day is something that people like the Lone Gunmen fought and gave their lives for.

We have to recognize that The Truth Is Here.

Join me and whomever I convince to converse with me for more than a few minutes while I give you an old fashioned Doomsday street preaching to. I'm anything but boring.

Whether you want to learn about UFOs, the Masonic Cult that rules America, Ancient Aliens, or the denizens of Faerie and worlds beyond that walk among us - I know many truths and have the receipts to back them up. In all my years I've seen a lot of pain, but I have to say, there's a lot of beauty in this world even though by all accounts it seems to be ending.

If you think this old world has a few more years left in her - if you think that the lies our government tells us are not "for own good", give these Tapes From The Future a listen.

But be sure to rewind.


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