Tessy Yue Li & Zuhura Ahmad: Bringing People Together at COP 27 | Ep 4

Nov. 4, 2022

Tanzania: Today we’re talking with Tessy Yue Li, a young climate justice activist, and co-founder of Y-IDEA, Youth Intra-Dialogue on Europe and Africa, and Zuhura Ahmad, CBD women programme lead at Tanzania Biodiversity Organization, co-founder at Tanzanian Youth Biodiversity Network, and a science teacher.

Aya, Tessy and Zuhura talk about how we can integrate more gender diversity into this year’s COP27, as well as what the different global leaders can do. It’s hard to be be a bit disappointed each year when not enough action is being taken, but continuing to fight, and advocate for the change that’s needed is how we get through this.


  • Tessy Yue Li’s and Zuhura Ahmad’s story
  • The points of contention between Africa and Europe
  • Integrating a gender perspective into COP
  • What is the priority for Tanzania?
  • What’s the national level agenda at COP?
  • The change that France needs to implement
  • Three tips for finding common agendas at COP 27
  • Tessy and Zuhura’s expectations for COP 27
  • And so much more…

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