Rose Wachuka: A life of Service in Public Service | EP13

April 4, 2023

Kenya: With over a decade of experience in public service, Rose Wachuka, is a Policy Advisor and Chief of Staff at Chief Justice of the Judiciary of Kenya. In this episode, Aya and Rose talk about politics from an African worldview including Kenyan politics and Tomas Sankara. Rose reveals some bold views on US politics as well as Palestine-Israel politics. Through two songs of her choice from North Africa, she has taken us on a journey to different writers and books and people who inspired her as she considers “Writing as an act of melancholy”. On culture, Rose shared about her wild 35th birthday with inspiring advice and tips for young women and girls pursuing their ambitions but feeling trapped in cultural norms as she says  “Vulnerability starts where shame ends”, she also openly talked about sexuality, relationships and spirituality. 


  • Zina by Babylone
  • Sidi Mansour by Omar Khorshid


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