Jena Dominique: Co-Creating with The Creator I 24

Jan. 31, 2024

In this episode, we openly talk about the creative industry, manifesting Forbes 30 Under 30,  her travels and adventures, her childhood, co-creation from a place of knowing to social media as a space of entitlement.  You will also learn how to operationalize creatives and navigate the space. 

Jena's mother encouraged an environment where she could simply ‘become’ which opened her to the world of ‘trying’, from studious kid, to tour guide to a boss of a marketing agency, Jena shares her three dimensional self.  

We’re looking at a potential politician. Jena studied Political Science. She identifies as feminist and champion for underrepresented and overlooked people because she says “ I am her, she is me”. She believes her contribution to the liberation of women, black and brown bodies is in "opening doors and access" for her people as well as translating their voices to the stakeholders that matter.

Some of her Words of wisdom; 

  • What do you do when no one else is watching
  • Create your container and processes
  • Do the work when no one watching
  • Ask yourself how you show up in the world
  • This body is the only airplane we get to fly- take care of it & nurture it
  • We have one life to live
  • It is our job to build with, to allow to be built through
  • figure out what do you care about & what gets me excited
  • Extract your creative DNA from your work to show why you add value
  • let go
  • Be ready to give and ready to receive
  • Increase your value
  • Allow yourself to feel, if you need to cry, cry
  • Hearing ‘No’ is part of life journey, it’s okay
  • Enjoy being a kid,  being curious of not knowing
  • 3 Ss  1) Start your day with meditation - 2) Strengthen yourself for the next season & 3) Stay in touch with my network

Enjoy this episode and don't miss her poetry at the end. Find out more about her work at  www.jenasekwa.com


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