Emma Theofelus: The Youngest Minister in Africa I 25

Feb. 21, 2024

In this episode, we openly talk politics in Namibia and the rise of the youngest minister in Africa. Emma shares about her childhood, the ever changing ICT sector and digital economy, Palestinians right to self determination and she also shares her gratitudes affirmations and haircare routine. She is an orchids lover. 

Emma believes " The political space has written rules and unwritten rules, silent expectations and loud expectations. It is easy to go with the crowd and what others believe its true. But it important that constantly I make decision that I believe in." 

On female leadership she believes "Women show up everyday. Women are good enough to raise Presidents, Kings and Leaders but we’re not good enough to be those leaders ourselves? Make it make sense!" she continues "There aren’t many of us in this country, on the continent or in the world.  We, young women, are also here and we deserve a seat at the table."

She has been helping girls code and reducing cost of data, donating laptops to schools and community centres as well as passing bills in Parliament on reduction and removal of tax on sanitary pads. She also advocated for paid Internships which was adopted by finance ministry. 

On being part of Nalafem Collective she says " Being part of a Pan-African feminist movement on the continent like Nalafem is an energy booster that validates our feelings of the lack of compassionate grief and that we’re not alone, let's get back to work. This makes Nalafem necessary" 

Her dinner table would surly have Former President of Liberia , Ellen Johnson Sirelaf and Former Deputy Prime Minister of Namibia, Libertine Amathila.

Worlds of Wisdom from Emma: 

  • Inform yourself
  • Understand how systems operate
  • Show up! Be seen! Make your voice heard
  • Your don’t have to know all the answers but have a spirit of a learner
  • Continuously be authentic

Book recommendation:  Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by by John Gray


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