The Evaporated: Gone with the Gods

Introducing... CONmunity Podcasts

March 24, 2023

From the award winning CONmunity Podcasts comes, Conning the CON, Klooghless The Long CON  and Stop The Killing. Conning the CON: What would you do if you discovered your boyfriend  was a serial conman? Would you hit record  and turn the table on the conman? Klooghless The Long CON: Meet  Barry Kloogh - authorised Financial  Advisor… and rapist of retirements. With 81 victims and $16 million  dollars gone west, find out how Barry Kloogh groomed a town for almost  40 years. You will be left asking yourself how long until you really  know and trust someone? A week, a month …..40 years? Stop The Killing: Former head of  the FBI’s Active Shooter Program, Katherine Schweit opens up the case  files on some of the most horrific mass shootings in the US. and  globally. We all hold the key to stop mass shootings  - would you know what to do? Search Conning The CON, Klooghless The Long Con and Stop The Killing on all your usual listening platforms now. And follow @conmunitypodcasts on instagram to be find more podcasts with purpose. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.