Too Niche?

Episode 14: Japan Travel Guide

Feb. 23, 2023

Lara breaks down her recent trip to Japan and shares her A+ hotel recommendations, favorite (and least favorite) restaurants, activities and travel tips.



Hoshinoya Kyoto -

Hotel the Celestine Kyoto Gion -

Harajuku Tokyo Airbnb -

Ryokan Kurashiki -

Kai Poroto -

Hoshinoya Tokyo -



Nakame No Teppen (Izakaya) -

Narukiyo (Delicious beef dishes and charmingly dick-themed) -

New York Bar, Park Hyatt Tokyo -

Arakicho Tenpaku (Tempura omakase) -

Sushi Tou (Amazing sushi omakase) -

Tempura Miyashiro (Tempura omakase) -



Arashiyama Monkey Park Kyoto -

Fushimi Inari Shrine Kyoto -

Nishiki Market Kyoto -

Micro Pig Cafe Tokyo -

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