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Dad Goals | DSP Ep 55 w/ James Johnson #fatherhood #dadgoals #bettermen #betterfathers

Feb. 17, 2023

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It seems like everyone is looking for some kind of “goal” to help define personal success. Relationship goals, marriage goals, mom goals are popular hash tags across many social media platforms, but what about dad goals? Do men publicly proclaim that they admire how other men parent, or does ego limit those feelings to internal conversations? Manhood is tricky…well at least some of us make it harder than it should be.

In this episode we have a transparent conversation about the top three focus areas for our families in 2023. Notice that I didn’t use the term “goals,” and that was quite intentional. It is easy to get caught up in identifying resolutions in alignment with the turn of the calendar year, but do they really yield meaningful results? In my opinion most resolutions are glorified checklists of things that are easily and objectively measured (i.e., weight loss, exercise habits, saving money, etc.). How we parent is not so cut and dry.

Our lists are not presented as one size fits all as even our priorities differed. As with any other content offered on this platform, we believe this dialogue provides meaningful life prompts to promote the conversation in your home, neighborhood, and even the broader global community. Take some time to assess how you’re leading your family, and jot down a couple of areas that need improvement. Be mindful that the length of your list doesn’t equate to failure. Personally, I believe anyone that struggles to identify at least three areas for improvement is probably delusional about how great of a job they’re doing. 

We highly recommend that you consume the entire episode for the best results. Also, meet us in the comments or tag us with your opinion on social media via the links below. As always, we welcome your perspective. It takes a village. 

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Consider these three areas of focus to get the ball rolling:

  1. Communication: Fathers should strive to communicate better with their children. This includes actively listening to their kids and engaging in meaningful conversations about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 
  2. Quality Time: Fathers should make time for quality bonding experiences with their children. This could include playing games, going on walks, or engaging in other activities that allow them to spend quality time together and foster a strong bond.
  3. Empathy: Fathers should strive to show empathy and understanding to their children. This means being willing to take their feelings and perspectives into account when making decisions or addressing issues.

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