Dear Son,

Don't Shoot the Messenger | Ep 57 #fatherhood #childish

March 3, 2023

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How often do you reject a message simply because it was coming from a source that you don’t like? Whether the source is a person, place, or thing, you just don’t like it and, consequently, will not accept anything it has to offer, even if it could improve your life. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Sometimes there is a valid reason to disregard information being offered to you. Other times, you might just be missing out on information that can change the trajectory of your family’s future. There are those that complain about not having the information that they choose not to access. Where do we draw the line between excuses and maturity?

Now consider if you’ve been the source of information that people reject because of your character, behavior, beliefs, etc. Perhaps those in your community or church, at your job, or even in your home feel this way about you. How would you adjust if they told you this was so? For some, this would be a tough truth to accept while others would embrace the opportunity to grow and change. 

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Three tips to become a better listener.


1.     Make sure to give the speaker your full attention. Don't let yourself get distracted by external factors. Make eye contact and stay focused.

2.     Don't interrupt the speaker, even if you feel an urge to do so. Allow them to finish what they're saying before you respond.

3.     Listen actively by repeating back the main points that the speaker is making. This will show the speaker that you are really paying attention and want to understand them better.

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