Dear Son,

The Curse of Comfort | The Dear Son, Show | Ep 69 #fatherhood #uncomfortable #hardwork #lazy

June 9, 2023

I’m willing to pay for convenience, and I’m not ashamed of that. When it’s time to travel, upgrade me please and thank you. If I’m driving to an event, front row park me for a fee. If I’m bored on the plane, take my money, and give me internet. I, like many, want what I want when I want it. 

Unfortunately, that convenience-craving character doesn’t easily detach from my roles as father and husband. Through repetition, it became a way of life and has robbed my family of meaningful opportunities to grow. For instance, I grew up cutting the grass at least weekly, that was my chore. I hated it and couldn’t wait until I was able to make somebody else do it. Instead of teaching my sons how to do it, I just paid someone. Once I realized how my obsession with convenience was impacting how they understand hard work, I adjusted. It’s still a frustrating uphill battle today. 

For me, providing a comfortable lifestyle for my family was a status symbol. However, I was also frustrated when I didn’t see my children’s’ work ethic showing up in certain areas. That frustration was compounded when I realized that it was my fault. This dichotomy governed my life for several years. 

In this episode we provide our perspectives on the importance of identifying areas of comfort that are stifling growth, and provide some real-time conclusions that will spark conversations in your mind and home. Our experiences are different, so our recommendations differ, but they align, nonetheless. Our conversations are unapologetically conducted through the lens of fatherhood because that’s the only experience we’ve had. We welcome the enhancing perspectives of all. 

We learned quite about ourselves during this dialogue, and that’s typical. Hopefully, a point or two will prompt you to have similar meaningful discussions in your home. We highly recommend that you consume the entire episode for the best results. Also, meet us in the comments or tag us with your opinion on social media via the links below. As always, we welcome your perspective. It takes a village. 

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