Dear Son,

Dear Son, Don’t Jump Out the Window | The Dear Son, Show | Ep 72 #fatherhood #parenting

June 27, 2023

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Dear Son, don’t jump out the window for your friends! This is a metaphor for being so passionate about a person or a thing that you rush to defend the person or thing no matter what. Your friend says that someone hurts their feelings, and you’ve already put your boxing gloves on, ready to spar. You don’t even know if the friend antagonized the person, and you really don’t care. It’s up! 

Jumping out the window doesn’t just apply to negative scenarios. Some people will jump out the window for their love interest. These gestures can be interpreted as endearing or off-putting. What is over the top for one, may be the bare minimum for another. 

The primary focus is helping our children understand what comes with jumping out the window through sharing life experiences. I’ve been guilty of sheltering my children from my past because much of it was embarrassing. Withholding this information puts them at risk of repeating mistakes that have already taught me the lessons. I’d rather risk temporary embarrassment. 

We learned quite about ourselves during this dialogue, and that’s typical. Hopefully, a point or two will prompt you to have similar meaningful discussions in your home. We highly recommend that you consume the entire episode for the best results. Also, meet us in the comments or tag us with your opinion on social media via the links below. As always, we welcome your perspective. It takes a village. 

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