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A MAN'S IDENTITY | A DSN SERIES | PT 5 OF 5 #manhood #vulnerability #purpose

Aug. 15, 2023

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The journey of manhood is nuanced. We are often called to be everything to everyone at the expense of knowing our purpose and identity. Some would argue that those concepts are interchangeable, and yes, they are similar; however, they are not the same. 

In this series launch, we assembled 16 panelists, men from varying walks of life, to discuss what some might consider a very simply defined word, identity. We learned very quickly that while everyone understood the assignment, there wasn't necessarily one correct answer. Nerves aside, every panelist provided context with transparency to push the conversation forward. Each panelist (and event participant) left in a better condition than when they arrived. 

This conversation focused on identity challenges the panelists faced throughout life and the impact women have had on their identity. The responses addressed learning how to treat women, learning how to respect and set boundaries as a husband, and the impact of a woman seeing more value in him than he does.  All of us are works in progress, yet were several triumphs shared.  In kind, the Dear Son, Network presents these stories to you. 

We ate, we drank, and we celebrated each other. It was (and still is) powerful. I sincerely pray that this series is a blessing to you and your circle. Let it be a life prompt that facilitates necessary conversations with those you love. Be sure to engage in the comments section As always, I welcome your feedback and perspective. It takes a village.

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