NIKA’s Friends
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NIKA’s Friends

This is the story Of generation Z in Iran; How they Proved everyone, Especially us, their older generations, their parents, their teachers and all Big Brothers: “only impossible is impossible”.

They are doing what we never could!

What you are going to receive, is the story of one of the most important eras in human kinds history.

An era as important as the time we caused or observed or just Sat and watched; how our older Cousins were dying out; This is an evidential story, which I don't call it a chronology.

This story is a blink on the reality of life on the earth In twenty first century ; The story of History makers; story of

“the Generation Z”.

Nika's Friends is been written evidently and provided with the evidences.

Is this my first novel which I've begun to write and publish in the same time?


written, produced and presented by:

Omid Aryanik(OA)

Written, produced and presented bOA(Aryanik

About the creator:

OA is a Persian writer and journalist based in Melbourne Australia.

He studied clinical psychology/ Media/ music(song writing) and disability.

He published more than 50 songs as lyricist and songwriter in persian market.

He is a former writer and producer at National Tv & Radio of Iran.

He is a novelist (psychological, philosophical, existential) And creator of a unique life skills method( going to publish in a series of podcasts).

And some more… .

Bear with me…!

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