#10: The Oracles of the Edge

Jan. 18, 2023

“To be seen by source, you must first learn to see. To learn to see, you must first learn to notice.”

— The Decree of Dagrún, Scroll Three

“True power has one wellspring: true names.”

— The Decree of Ǫlrún, Scroll One

There are no easy paths to the Oracles of the Edge. That is by design.

On the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year of life, each boy in Varlata is called to travel. The Pilgrimage of Osa predates the name Varlata. It predates all of our memories. Perhaps it has always been.

A lad of ten and a half years may be on the cusp of physical maturity, but body alone doesn’t make a man. For that, he needs his true name. And for this, he must journey to the Oracles for the Anointing...


The Legend of COCKPUNCH™ is the tale of a fantastical realm, a universe of the bizarre from the mind of bestselling author Tim Ferriss. Stories are the gateway drug in this Emergent Long Fiction (ELF) project. Characters, maps, artwork, and more will be released over time at cockpunch.com and tim.blog/cockpunchFor other oddities from the world of Varlata, follow @cockpunch and @tferriss on Twitter.

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