Nazis: The Road to Power

8. The Big Lie

Feb. 1, 2023

Released after just six months in prison, Hitler must now renounce violence and vow that the Nazi Party will seek power through the ballot box. But his speeches are still vitriolic and he is soon banned from public speaking again. Goebbels is drawn deeper into the party faction who advocate the Socialist in ‘National Socialist’ but how will he react when Hitler personally writes to him, seeking to bring him closer to his own standpoint? And will it mean the end of his relationship with Else?

Starring Alexander Vlahos as Joseph Goebbels, Tom Mothersdale as Adolf Hitler and featuring Joseph Alessi as Gregor Strasser, leader of the Nazis’ Socialist faction.

Cast: Joseph Goebbels - ALEXANDER VLAHOS Adolf Hitler - TOM MOTHERSDALE Gregor Strasser - JOSEPH ALESSI Emil Maurice & Rudolf Diels - OSCAR BATTERHAM Helene Bechstein - NANCY CARROLL Otto von Lossow - NICHOLAS FARRELL Leni Hanfstaengl - MELODY GROVE Putzi Hanfastaengl - COREY JOHNSON Herman Göring - SCOTT KARIM Rudolf Hess - GEORGE KEMP Else Janke - SORCHA KENNEDY Hermine Hoffman - LYNNE MILLER General Ludendorff - ANDREW WOODALL Other parts were played by: EDWARD BENNETT, WILLIAM CHUBB, JACK LASKEY, FORBES MASSON and MICHAEL MALONEY The Narrator is JULIET STEVENSON

Sound designer – ADAM WOODHAMS Studio Manager – MARK SMITH Casting Director – GINNY SCHILLER Original Score – METAPHOR MUSIC Writer and Director – JONATHAN MYERSON Producer – NICHOLAS NEWTON

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