The Therapy Crouch

When good intentions backfire SPECTACULARLY

Nov. 28, 2023

After their recent break away from the kids to ‘disconnect and reconnect’ Abbey and Pete are back with tales of when even the best of intentions can backfire with hilarious results. 

Thailand in the depths of monsoon season? Sounds like the perfect opportunity for Abbey to tear through three books and avoid talking to Pete at all costs… 

In our weekly whine (or shine) club, we hear from a couple who have had the picture perfect proposal in nowhere else than the big apple itself as well as a woman who is convinced her husband has taken up whistling as a full time hobby just to drive her round the bend. 

And we also hear some outrageous chat which will hopefully stand as a warning to all you guys on why you shouldn’t drunk and dial. 

On this week’s Therapy Crouch we’ve got 99 problems but a b*tch aint one. 


00:00 Introduction

06:01 Approachable Pete

06:58 Dad Jokes

21:37 Monsoon season

26:28 Book worms

32:38 Sunseekers

36:27 School hols

42:41 Magic Hour

44:26 Abbey’s Accountancy

48:39 Health is wealth

56:03 Agony Abs

01:03:28 Gameboys

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