The Therapy Crouch

Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Abbey’s UFO Experience Revealed

Jan. 30, 2024

On today’s episode of The Therapy Crouch, Abbey and Peter are exploring all things conspiracies!

After listening to you, our listeners, in our ‘Ask Me Anything’ episode we decided that it was hide time to give the people what they want and whack our tin foil hats on.

After Abbey’s recent UFO encounter on the A3 - the team try to debunk some of their personal favourite conspiracies, expect moon landings, flat earth, illuminati and more!

After putting the world to rights, Agony Ab is also on hand to help you with football mad hubbys who are determined to derail your big day, awkward exes and what to do when your bonk beats have been left on mute. 

Enjoy this week’s, Therapy Crouch!

00:00 Intro

03:38 The New Floor


11:42 Magical Morning at lion Lodge

14:22 Marble Chargers

23:22 Weekly Whines

30:37 Lets talk conspiracies

47:40 Agony Abs

53:57 Football Crazy, Football Mad

01:00:28 Ex on the Beach

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