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‘She Was Always in Trouble’ Abbey’s Mum Reveals What She Was REALLY Like Growing Up

March 12, 2024

On today’s episode of The Therapy Crouch, Abbey and Peter are joined by our most special guest to date - Abbey’s Mum, Kags. 

Fresh off the back off the Brit awards, Abbey and Pete are here to dish the dirt on what goes on behind the scenes at one of the most prestigious events in the awards season calendar. 

Pete, clearly impressed with his own outfit choices that evening, reveals the three words that came to mind when he was eyeing himself up in the mirror, and Abbey celebrity Dad crush is also exposed. 

When Kags joins us on the couch, we discuss all about Abbey’s early childhood, and how she knew she was always destined to be a star after a very memorable Madonna performance down at Harlequins. 

We delve deep into Abbey’s outgoing personality as a teenager and Karen finally gives her version of events from when Abbey got caught after going on her first ever night out. 

This week we also have Agony KAGS here to help you, our listeners, who have been driven to distraction by your useless partners. We hear from a pregnant listener who feels like her partner is devoting more time to the gym than her, as well as a hubby whose wife’s trips to bathroom stores are driving him round the (u)-bend

Enjoy this weeks, Therapy Crouch!

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