Stop Overthinking

37. Somatic Practices to Rewire Your Nervous System with Jill Howell

Dec. 14, 2023

What does it really mean to feel your feelings? What happens to your emotions if they aren't fully processed and they remain stuck in your body?

In this episode I talk with Jill Howell, a somatic practitioner and emotional health coach. While we both coach on feelings, we go about it differently. Listen as Jill and I talk about how stored emotions may result in a dysregulated nervous system, what that means, and how to release some of the stored emotions-- even from your childhood. Jill even leads me through a release session.

Jill Marie Howell is an emotional health coach and a somatic trauma recovery practitioner who has overcome complex ptsd and chronic pain. She guides women to break their survival stress cycle and rewire their nervous systems for peace using integrative mind-body healing modalities. She equips women to feel safe + secure within and create a life of peace + joy as they dance in the mess of living as a human in a hurting world!


Podcast coming soon!

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