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Israel VS SA in ICJ

Jan. 21, 2024

Today we start off with where we left off last week with South Africa vs Israel in the ICJ and we discuss how it is all unfolding and what the argument of each side is (00:50). we move the conversation to CapeXit and we try to understand what it is, why it is and if it is even possible (11:17). the we finish off todays episode with whatever is happening in the undergrounds of New York and figure out why Jews are there (20:48) Sources: Israel says South Africa distorting the truth in ICJ genocide case - BBC News South Africa Charges Israel with Genocide | Major Actors Read the Case File | Part 1 - YouTube An independent Western Cape on the cards? Here is what you need to know about the independence bid ( Ad Homonym on X: "The excitement is going to be palpable when CapeXit realises they've persuaded the president." / X ( Corn ✧⍣ on X: "they callin me a jew the way i got tunnel vision" / X ( (video) What's the Deal With Those Secret Chabad Tunnels In New York? ( My X/Twitter handle: @lefa_taleni neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.