Keep it Positive, Sweetie

Body Count with Jasmin Watch Jazzy Brown

June 13, 2023

Season 1 Episode 3 | Let's talk about SEX, baby -- cause some of us want a freak in the morning and a freak in the evening 👀 Ladies, is it just me, or are you also tired of how society shames you for your body count, or how men oftentimes use it against you? I mean let's be real, most of our thoughts and mindset around sex are just plain-old antiquated, in my opinion. Sit on my couch for a conversation with my girl, the hilarious -- and also my whole arch nemesis on Sistas and ZATIMA, Jasmin "Watch Jazzy" Brown, for a conversation about all things S-E-X. I mean we're talking losing our virginities, hoe phases and hoe-tations, slut shaming, and more! Follow Jasmin: Follow KIPS: KIPS is produced and executive produced by Dinorah Peña, co-produced by Chanel Gross. Audio and visual by Kvle. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.