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Nicki Tea Party Part 1 • Episode 1

Sept. 11, 2022

September 11th 2022: Nicki Minaj holds a Tea Party & Clears the air about Queen Mix of Super Freaky Girl, Featuring Malibu Mitch, JT, Bia, Katie Got Bandz Presented By Amazon Amp & ThatBarbDre PART 1 Nicki CLEARS the air about Queen Mix ft Malibu Mitch, JT, Akbar V, Bia, & Katie Got Bands TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Nicki Minaj “Hi Opps” 2:22 Onika Tanya NEVER needs backing from ANYONE 4:29 Nicki Giving Money out on Twitter 6:00 Nicki Starts with a Prayer 7:55 Nicki has sat back while people Try to erase her 10:00 PapaBear being Slick 11:27 “I know the rap girls are SOAKED rn” 12:48 Nicki talks about being grateful for her Idols even considering working with her and never felt entitled for a feature 13:54 Nicki Shades Megan 14:39 Pissytail H*es Story Time (Coi Leray) 19:40 Y’all steal Everybody that Nicki works with Joy 20:15 Nicki don’t owe them Pissytail haox 20:55 Nicki Plans on Suing Jason Lee, Armon Wiggins & The Real 21:35 Femal Rappers Have Mommy Issues. asks the girls to approach her professionally 22:38 Nicki sees the FAKE love Is calculated 23:56 Nicki finds out Coi hit up another artist to complain about Nicki even talking to Amazon. 26:06 Nicki has RECEIPTS Cardi B has done Vudu against her 27:35 could you Imagine being such a WEAK B****? 29:30 Nicki realized someone around her was an opportunist 30:00 Nicki NEVER spoke on this: 33:40 Nobody can outdo Onika 34:00 who Is Olive Oil?? 35:00 Nicki being upfront about why she unfollowed people on 9/11/22 40:20 ‘Super Freaky Girl’ Breaks Records 42:00 Nicki Watched Corporate Giants & Machines go against her 43:04 Garcell of Real Housewives of Potomac being a Hypocrite 43:50 Nicki speaks on Wendy (Pendy) Williams 45:36 Nicki Speaks on Defamation Lawsuit she’s filing 46:40 Every person that speaks on Nicki’s family will be SORRY 47:35 Nicki will NEVER forgive them for how they treated the Girls featured on the ‘Queen Mix’ of ‘Super Freaky Girl’ 49:29 Nicki Speaks on Cardi B’s Crunchy face - She won’t age well 50:10 Cardi’s face Is melting like Mike Jack (Michael Jackson) 51:00 Female Rap beef aleato existed 51:50 Milagro Grams Comes on the Show 52:33 Nicki takes a break ▶️YOUTUBE: https://youtube.com/@thatbarbdre 🌐WEBSITE: https://thatbarbdre.univer.se 💰CASHAPP: http://cash.app/$DrecoMinaj 📷Instagram: http://Instagram.com/ThatBarbDre 🪺Twitter: http://Twitter.com/ThatBarbDre --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thatbarbdre/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thatbarbdre/support

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