The Big Flop

Howard Dean: I Have a Scream with Gareth Reynolds | 12

Nov. 13, 2023

Some dreams end with a whimper, others with an impulsive and unhinged shriek. Way back in 2004, Howard Dean, the straight-talkin' governor of Vermont was making an improbable run for President. He was riling up the youth on a new thing called the internet, whipping them intro a frenzy with his anti-war rhetoric and eating sandwiches on live streams. Just when it seemed like Dean might actually have a chance at the White House, it all came crashing down. Some call it, "The Scream Heard Round the World" or the "I Have a Scream Speech"-- whatever you call it, Howard Dean was never called "President". Comedian and podcast host Gareth Reynolds (The Dollop, We're Here to Help) joins Misha to relive Howard Dean's doomed candidacy, and the birth of the first political meme.

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