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Gypsy Rose Blanchard: Munchausen Syndrome, Malingering, Factitious Disorder, oh my!

Feb. 20, 2024

TW: Discussion of child abuse, SA, medicalabuse/trauma, and homocide

Your bish finishes discussing Paris in Love, specifically focusing on why Paris hid Pheonix from everyone, inclusing her family.

Following this, YBT breaks away from our beloved Bravo shows to cover a news story that took the world by storm. YBT covers the full story behind Gypsy Rose and DeeDee Blanchard and outlines how underlying disorders, familial dysfunction and systemic medical failures led to murder. YBT discusses Munchausen Syndrome by proxy, now called Factitious Disorder imposed on another, as well as malingering, to provide a full insight into the disorders that underly these types of situaitons.

YBT provides a signature deep dive into the Blanchard family and outlines potential obstacles Gypsy faces following her release from prison. Hope you all enjoy!

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