Your Bish Therapist

RHONJ toxicity and Summer House

May 7, 2024

TW: Concepts of trauma, addiction, recovery, boundary setting, and parasocial attachments are discussed.

In this episode, YBT shares housekeeping updates Season 2 of YBT, Supporter’s Club and plans for future episodes. YBT discusses reasons behind the decision to refrain from covering season 14 of RHONJ; primarily due to increased toxicity as a result of social media drama. Specifically, YBT discusses information shared by Carlos King in a recent podcast, in which he shares receipts from Melissa’s Old Nose on Twitter. YBT discusses increased toxicity surrounding Jersey and outlines parasocial interactions and relationships that lead to unhealthy power dynamics between Bravolebs and content creators.

YBT then talks Summer House; discussing attachment theory and how abandonment wounds have widespread and long-lasting impacts in adult relationships. YBT also discusses conflict avoidance, and how this behavior can remain following recovery from addiction.

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