Your Bish Therapist

Summer house, VPR, and The Valley with Mandy Slutsker

May 28, 2024

TW discussion of abuse domestic violence
In this extra-long episode, YBT and Mandy have a hilariously fun discussion about all things Bravo. Through this, YBT shares clinical interpretations on summer house, VPR and the valley; discussing ‘King/Queen baby’ phenomenon, abuse/domestic violence, avoidant communication patterns, conflict resolution, financial literacy, and boundaries. 
Mandy discusses recent drama spilling over from the shows to behind the scenes on WWHL, social media and podcasts. YBT and Mandy discuss Kyles appearance on WWHL and breaks down ‘spritz’ gate. Mandy and YBT also address recent comments and accusations Schwartz made about Jo on Brittany and Jax’s podcast, which leads to discussion about conflict avoidance, boundaries, and vibe checks.
We had a blast, laughed a lot, and hope you did too!
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