Be Afraid

I See Dead People

Oct. 6, 2023

This week on Be Afraid, we take a hard look at the origin of our fears and consider whether films in the horror genre might actually help us face those fears rather than be held captive by them. Everybody’s story is unique, but the one thing we all hold in common is that all of our fears–whatever they may be–start somewhere. They have an origin… which means that our ability to understand how horror films not only tap into our deepest fears but also give us an opportunity to wrestle with what terrorizes us depends upon our willingness to identify and explore the moments in our lives when we first learned to fear.  Joining us this week: Scott Derrickson is a filmmaker whose projects include, among others, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Dr. Strange, and The Black Phone.  Pete Docter is a filmmaker, animator, and voice actor. He is the chief creative officer of Pixar Animation Studios. Josh Larsen, host of Filmspotting and author of Fear Not!  Elijah Davdison, co-director of Brehm Film and author of Come & See: A Christian Guide to the Greatest Films of All Time  Dr. Craig Detweiler, filmmaker, Dean, College of Arts and Media, Grand Canyon University. Author of several books, including Deep Focus: Film and Theology in Dialogue. Dr. Tim Basselin, Director of Student life and Associate Professor of Ministry, Theology, and Culture at Western Seminary this past year. Author of Flannery O'Connor: Writing a Theology of Disabled Humanity.  Dr. Russell Moore, Christianity Today's editor in chief and the director of the Public Theology Project. Dr. Brad Strawn, Chief of Spiritual Formation and Integration at Fuller Theological Seminary, Dean of the Chapel, Evelyn and Frank Freed Professor of the Integration of Psychology and Theology, and Chair of Integration, Clinical Psychology Department. Resources Referenced: The Universe is Not a Horror Show by Dr. Russell Moore “Be Afraid” is a production of Christianity Today, Fuller Seminary, and Uncommon Voices Collective Executive Producer: Erik Petrik Producer, Writer, and Editor: Kutter Callaway Producer and Editor: Stephen Scheidler Associate Producer: TJ Hester Music: Jeremy Hunt and Qoheleth Graphic Design: Stephen Scheidler More from Kutter Callaway on theology and culture: More from Uncommon Voices Collective: More from Qoholeth: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.