True Crime Stories For (No) Sleep
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True Crime Stories For (No) Sleep

Get ready for a podcast that's, well, a little crazy. We're talking about true crime stories here, the kind that are so scary and dark, they might just help you sleep!

You know, most news and TV shows usually skim over the super creepy stuff in crime stories. But we? Oh no, we're not about that. We're here to tell it all, no matter how yucky it gets. We want you to know just how insane these bad guys really are. 

So, If you crave the nitty-gritty psychology of criminals, unabashed storytelling or just have trouble sleeping, give us a listen. You might just "creep" into dreamland with the "killer" stories that'll make you say, "Well, that was a "murder- ously" good night's sleep!

A sampling of the stories include:

The Canal Killer - A violent psychopath cuts off the head, hands, and feet of his girlfriends and dumps them in the canals of London and Rotterdam.

The Head in the Bucket - A drug kingpin chops off the head of one of his dealers and carries it around in a Home Depot bucket.

Captain Cash - Another drug dealer butchers an entire family so he can take over a man’s fruit shipping business and transform it into a drug shipping business.

The Coffee Killer - A young woman, jealous of her rich socialite friend, poisons her by lacing her coffee with cyanide in a public coffee shop.

The Arizona Torso Killer - A petite trophy wife shoots her husband, freezes his body, hacks him up with a jigsaw, and dumps his torso in a dumpster behind a grocery store.

The Oxford Murder - A young college student strangles his girlfriend and crams her body into an eight-inch crawlspace beneath the stairs.

The Girl in the Barrel - A homeowner finds a 55-gallon barrel in the crawl space beneath his home. What they find inside the barrel unlocks a murder mystery dating back 30 years.

The Dexter Wannabe - A young man obsessed with the TV show Dexter lures unsuspecting victims to his “kill room” and keeps a detailed diary of the dismemberment of his prey.

The Murder of Elizabeth Olten - A 15-year-old girl wants to know what it feels like to kill a person.

Interpol’s Most Wanted - When fishermen pull up the dead body of a man in the English Channel, police stumble upon one of Interpol’s Most Wanted criminals.

The Girl in the Box - An unbelievable story of a psychopath who kidnaps a young girl and keeps her as a slave locked beneath his bed for seven years.

The Green Chain Rapist - A beautiful young mother is butchered in broad daylight in a London park and the only witness is her two-year-old son. Police then waste three years chasing the wrong man while the real killer slaughters another woman.

Paige’s Secret Life - A young single-mother of three goes missing and police realize she’s been living a secret life that her friends and family didn’t know about.

A Walking Shadow - A suicidal teenager, frustrated with the bank threatening to foreclose on the family home, kidnaps the bank manager’s 10-year-old son and holds him for ransom. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.