Normal Women

6. Normal Women...are a weaker vessel

Nov. 30, 2023

Bitten, spat on, denounced - in the 1990s newly-ordained women were met with fury by a vocal minority. But women have always played an important role in the Church, as mystics, the heads of religious houses, saints or simply as normal women seeking salvation. 

Joining Philippa to tell the story of women's changing place in the Church of England - from 'weaker vessels' in the sixteenth century to women bishops in the twenty-first:

  • Rev Richard Coles, writer, broadcaster and clergyman
  • Dr Grace Heaton, historian, University of Oxford

Normal Women: 900 Years of Making History is Philippa Gregory's radical retelling of our nation’s story – not of the rise and fall of kings and the occasional queen, but a history of the millions of women missing from the record: wives and workers, viragoes and angels, female husbands, priests and pirates.

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