Hollywood Exiles

9. Naming names

March 18, 2024

After years of allegations and suspicion, those accused of so-called un-American political beliefs are driven from the movie industry. Mitzi Trumbo recalls visiting her father Dalton in prison. Host Oona Chaplin speaks to some of those whose careers were ruined and friendships fractured, as anti-communist fervour pushed witnesses to expose the names of alleged communists. Norma Barzman describes this as a period of political exile. Charlie Chaplin faces the FBI.

Archive: Limelight, Charlie Chaplin, United Artists, 1952 Johnny Guitar, directed by Nicholas Ray for Republic Pictures, 1954 Senator Joseph McCarthy speaking on America’s Town Meeting of the Air, ABC Radio, 3 April 1947 Attorney General James McGranery press conference 1952, John E. Allen Archive

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